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JW018 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor

JW018 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor
JW018 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor 
This JW018 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor  is the first heart rate monitor I have owned. The alternative to this watch was buying one of those belts with a monitor which go round your chest but I really didn't fancy that idea.

This watch has a Bluetooth connection. As it uses a standard format it can connect to your phone not only for the supplied app but also for many popular running apps etc. (You should check before you purchase that it can connect to any specific app you wish to use).

The reasons I chose this brand/model.

  1. My number 1 requirement was that any heart rate monitor I chose could connect to my phone and running ap. I check every watch I looked at to find it was compatible with "Map My Run".
  2. This was the cheapest watch I could find which could do what I needed it to. I know buying the cheapest isn't always the best thing to do but when money is tight £200 watches just aren't on the cards.
  3. I read the reviews and no one gushed over this watch most said it did what was required.

So I've been using the watch for a couple of weeks now and this is what I've found out:

Good Points:

  • It does what I need. It send my heart rate details to MapMyRun where they are recorded along other information about my route, speed etc.
  • Battery life seems quite good though I am charging it before each run just to make sure.
  • Very light, hardly notice it's on my wrist.
Heart Rate Monitoring in Map My Run.
Heart Rate Monitoring in Map My Run.

Bad Points:

  • Very difficult to read the screen especially in sunlight (virtually impossible).
  • The latest update made it so you could turn the display on and change it via a flick of the wrist. Whilst I can understand why someone thought this would be a fantastic idea the reality is somewhat different. Whilst running I can't actually get it to stay on one screen at all. It's forever switching the screen on and cycling through the various sub screens.
  • Software which comes with it is pretty poor.
Depending on why you want the watch these bad points may be a deal breaker for you. For me it isn't an issue, the watch does what I need it to, monitors my heart rate and sends it to my phone. I don't look at the watch wilst I'm running but if I do want to see my heart rate at any particular time I can just glance at the app on my phone.

In fairness the watch is meant to do a bit more than I have mentioned above. Ii can also count steps taken, calories used and monitor your sleep. I haven't really used any of these apart from a couple of goes with the sleep monitor. Unfortunately on both occasions I managed to turn the sleep monitoring off whilst in bed and not notice!

Conclusion: JW018 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor.

So, in conclusion. the watch suites me, it does what I need it to HOWEVER you should take into account its limitations if you are expecting to use it in a different way.

My JW018 Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor cam from Ebay for just over £26 with free P&P in the UK. Have a look around though because it can also be found on Amazon and other places. They seem to take turns in being cheaper than each other.

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