Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Map My Run

Well I've been using the app Map My Run for over 3 years (on and off). For all that time I used the free version but two weeks ago I upgraded to the paid version (mostly because I wanted the full heart rate stats). TBH until I bought a compatible heart rate monitor the free version of Map My Run provided me with everything I needed.

Map My Run App.

There is an app which is available for both Android and Apple phones. This will track your actual run (walk, cycle ride) and provide you with continuously updated stats (speed, distance, time etc). It works in either metric and imperial measurement. If you don't like continually looking at your phone then you can set it to read out various stats as frequently as every tenth of a km. Just set it,put your headphones on and your phone in a pouch or pocket.

N.B. You will see Heart Rate mentioned on some of the screen shots. This will only work if you have a compatible heart rate monitor. See our hardware section for a suggestion.

Map My Run Website.

Once you have finished your run you can save it and upload the results to the Map My Run website. Here you can log in and view all your stats, both current and historical. It saves your runs and routes, you can even add workout manually if you've missed on.

Not everyone will find the same information useful. I particularly like the "splits" where runs are broken up into km or miles depending on your preference (in the paid version this can go right down to tenths of a mile or km). Other people might just like to know how fast they do each of their routes so they can keep an eye on progress.

I'm really only scratching the surface of what is available on the website. You can look at routes created by other people in your area, track equipment usage (like your shoes), set goals, join in challenges and a lot more. I often use their mapping tool to plot out a run and measure it before I set out.

As I said, I just used the free version of the app for 3 years and found it met all my needs. My best advice is to join the website, download the free app and give it a bash. Does really matter if you are riding, running or walking, Map My Run will help you track your activities.

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